digital fundraising tools for australian non-profits: enhancing your campaigns in the digital age


Dive into the world of digital fundraising with our comprehensive guide, specifically tailored for Australian non-profits. Discover the top digital tools that can revolutionise your fundraising efforts, from social media platforms to donor management systems. This blog provides insights into the most effective digital solutions, complete with links to the tools, helping you to elevate your fundraising strategies and achieve your goals.


In an era where digital technology reigns supreme, Australian non-profits must embrace digital fundraising tools to stay competitive and effective. These tools not only streamline the fundraising process but also expand the reach and impact of campaigns. Let’s explore some of the top digital fundraising tools that are making waves in the Australian non-profit sector.

1. Online Donation Platforms

  • GiveEasy: This platform is tailored for Australian non-profits, offering customisable donation pages, SMS giving, and integration with social media. Visit GiveEasy
  • MyCause: Known for its user-friendly interface, MyCause provides a range of fundraising solutions including crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, and online ticketing. Explore MyCause

2. Donor Management Systems

  • SupporterHub: An all-in-one solution, SupporterHub offers donor management, event management, and marketing tools, specifically designed for Australian charities. Check out SupporterHub
  • Blackbaud: A global leader, Blackbaud’s range of software solutions includes donor management, CRM, and analytics, tailored to non-profits of all sizes. Discover Blackbaud

3. Social Media Management Tools

  • Hootsuite: Perfect for managing multiple social media accounts, Hootsuite allows non-profits to schedule posts, track engagement, and analyse results across platforms. Learn more about Hootsuite
  • Buffer: Another excellent tool for social media management, Buffer offers streamlined posting, analytics, and engagement features, ideal for non-profits looking to boost their social media presence. Explore Buffer

4. Email Marketing Software

  • Mailchimp: With its user-friendly interface, Mailchimp is great for creating email campaigns, managing subscriber lists, and analysing campaign performance. Visit Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor: Known for its beautiful templates and powerful automation features, Campaign Monitor is another excellent choice for non-profits to engage their audience via email. Check out Campaign Monitor

5. Event Management Platforms

  • Eventbrite: This platform simplifies event planning, ticketing, and promotion, making it a popular choice for non-profit events and fundraisers. Discover Eventbrite
  • TryBooking: An Australian-based tool, TryBooking offers a comprehensive solution for event ticketing, registration, and management. Explore TryBooking


Embracing digital tools is essential for Australian non-profits seeking to maximise their fundraising potential in the digital age. From managing donor relationships to executing engaging social media campaigns, the right digital tools can make a significant difference in the success of your fundraising efforts. Explore these platforms to find the ones that best suit your organisation’s needs and start transforming your digital fundraising strategies today.